Curse Make a Roster Change

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Curse Make a Roster Change

In recent news, once again the highlight of the community Curse has made another roster change, following the NESL Go4SM cup this past Sunday. After losing to vVv 2-1 in a finals match, current speculation shows that Whaz has left Curse.  Bud’s new tag “need 1” confirms Curse is indeed looking for a new player.  After speaking with Whaz he has confirmed his departure from Shootmania,

“I am quitting Shootmania”

There was no comment on his future endeavors.  As the pool of prospective players grows smaller, it has become clearer that North America’s Shootmania (top tier) community is exhausted on potential top players as pick ups. We might start to see a downfall of current reigning stars of e-sports in North America, and the rise of other teams – such as vVv – taking over those top spots. With all that said we would like to give out warmest congratulations to vVv for beating HRG, and Curse in this past weekends NESL Go4SM cup.

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  1. 🕔 1:37, 15.May 2013


    Already??? I guess Whaz didn’t had it easy, being watched and judge by everyone for being the new Curse player… I hope for him it’s just a minor fall back and that he will return to Shootmania, like the warrior he is!

    On the other hand, I can’t wait for Curse to contact me for the spot ^_^ (jk)

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