vVv Gaming wins go4SM #5

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vVv Gaming wins go4SM #5

In recent weeks the rivalry between High Rollers Gaming and Curse Gaming have been under the microscope with most of the community focused on the drama surrounding the roster swaps between both teams. Going into this weekend’s tournament  most of the comnmunity assumed both team would face off against each other again. In nothing less than a stellar performance vVv Gaming has shocked the North American community by taking first place in this weekend’s go4Shootmania by defeating both HRG and Curse.

It’s no secret that vVv has been struggling lately, following the San Francisco launch event and the removal of Flamehopper. But it appears now, that things are finally on the up and up for the squad. I had the opportunity to speak with  Greg “Gregomyeggo” McAllen following the victory and he had this to say

In recent weeks we have been testing out a lot of different defensive plays. Really just testing the waters to see what we feel most comfortable with. Infact we were still testing things out this tournament. We went for a more agressive style and it really worked in our favor as shown. Beating hrg with many clutch pole plays, and a “close game” against curse. We kept the momentum going from that and hyped ourselves up. We had fun with it, and I think thats what really gave us the win this time around.

With another major contender for the North American scene the upcoming tournaments should be very interesting from a spectators points of view. By taking this victory vVv has definitely shown that they are in fact a force to be reckoned with and itll be interesting to see if they can some how ride this momentum into other online tournaments.


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