Shootmaniac Obstacle Tournament

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Shootmaniac Obstacle Tournament is proud to unveil its first tournament. Undoubtedly you have seen the many other tournaments on offer from various parties in the Shootmania community. We would like to offer up something of a different flavor. Starting, Saturday, 11th of May, we will be hosting weekly Obstacle course tournaments.

In these tournaments we will be using various community maps, we will pick 3 maps to use for the tournament and usually give a full weeks notice (our organization and timing should improve as we gain more experience). That being said, be competent in your ability to navigate skillfully and with great haste.  We eagerly look forward to community map submissions for these events as they will be an excellent way for any mapmaker to show case their map in the competitive environment. We will be running all the weeks maps on our server if you need to practice before the event!

What You Need to Know:

Time: 19:00 PST (Right after NESL)

Location: Official Server (Just search Shootmaniac)

Eligibility: This tournament is open to all, so come early, only 30 minutes to set your best time.

This Weeks Map Lineup:

·       Evolution

·       Fuck it 2

·       Fence World

On match day we will have open sign up with no limit on the players that can . These players will be given the first map and a time limit of 30 minutes to complete or get through as many check points as possible. If a player completes the map within the 30-minute map allowance they are allowed to continually retry to set a faster pace. After this first round the top 8 times advance. We will follow this format, alternating the maps as we go, until we have our champion.Up for grabs, besides the obvious honors, $50.00 to first place. To make it clear gentlemen, only one player will reign supreme.We will be looking intensely at community feed back on this event, so please make sure to let us know what you think.

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  1. 🕔 3:34, 07.May 2013


    I will definitely be playing in this!

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  2. 🕔 10:24, 08.May 2013


    Cool idea. Should do a Combo tournament next.

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  3. 🕔 12:27, 08.May 2013


    You realise neither of you can compete with my CAL-I skills

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  4. 🕔 12:33, 08.May 2013

    Precise AUTHOR

    We all know Im going to walk away winner of this ez pz. On a serious note though this promises to be alot of fun. Im excited for this weekend.

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