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Shootmaniac is Recruiting has a few primary goals. The first and foremost goal is to create a home for the Shoot Mania community. The second goal is that of giving back comes in a variety of forms, but we as a team feel the best method is media. Media in all its forms is something we feel can benefit e-Sports as a whole. To accomplish this goal we are recruiting quality news writers, graphic designer and moderators who follow the competitive Shootmania scene. Working for is a tremendous opportunity for anyone looking to get into e-Sports scene in a non-player role. Working with us will give you new job skills as well as a behind the scenes perspective of what it’s like to run an organization and work with others in e-Sports. This takes place in a friendly and fun atmosphere where we work as a team to tackle problems and complete tasks.

If you’re interested in the position please feel free to contact us via email at application should include the following information.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Postiion Requested
  • Location (we are looking staff globally)
  • Writing Sample
  • Graphic Sample (design positions)

This is your opportunity to prove to us that you have what it takes to join our ranks and be a part of our team. Please be professional and take this seriously if you’re not willing to spend a few minutes to make sure it’s done correctly then were not willing to take the time reading or replying to it. We offer a relaxed and fun work environment, but we still have goals, as such we take pride in our work and you would greatly enhance your employment opportunity if you put your best foot forward.

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