Shootmaniac Grows

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Shootmaniac Grows

A small community requires a united front. It is no mystery that the Shootmania community in NA is tiny, and in Europe is still attempting to grow. With this fact high on the minds of both Shootmania Hub and it was decided that combining our efforts would be more beneficial for the community and ourselves. Our combined resources aim to deliver an ever evolving web experience, which is coupled with content that encompasses all of the shootmania community. This unification effort is going to bring drastic changes to the staff and development at As a user you should start to see rapid changes based off user feed back, more up to date new and content, but most of all a more regular stream of videos and pro player content.

We reached out the Shootmania Hub founder Wikes for his thoughts on joining

I am happy to join up with Shootmaniac under the brand. I feel we as a community need a more unified approach so we can allocate resources towards growing our presence in not only e-Sports but the gaming scene in general. I will be pushing the EU scene as hard as I can while my compatriots will focus their efforts on the NA side of things.”

CEO & Founder of Andre “precise” Rowe added his thoughts and the unification:

I am very proud to have Wikes and his talents on board. While I always respect anyones endeavor to enhance his or her own community through content production at a certain stage is can be to the communities own detriment. That is to say with such a small community already continued community site production can only serve to fracture what we have. When all is said and done we will continue to grow and continue to branch out to other communities and an effort to present a unified front for all Shootmania players.”

We look forward to the future, and the growth of our site and the Shootmania community. Look for big things in the next few weeks.

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