Shootmania Update 2.2

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Shootmania Update 2.2


  • New blocks:
    • Powerpath with Nucleus bunker structures
    • Rooftops wooden & sliding structures
    • Technical structures include new blocs and a power grapling hook
    • Cloister road without roof
    • Red platform with curved borders
    • Corresponding curved fences of red plateform shapes
  • Progressive micro boost for jump from static position
  • Force color improved (ping, switchs,spectator etc.)
  • Pings & nametags in replays
  • Mediatracker: Shield keys
  • Reload of stamina & weapon 30% faster on red plateforms, like the blue ones (powerpath)
  • When player is blocked in ‘holes’, he will be capable to jump quickly after
  • Eliminations made and taken are displayed in Elite scoreboard
  • Elite matchmaking: attacking order is based on LP (will soon include a way for allied to define their order
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