Oblik Wins Shootmaniac Obstacle v2

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Oblik Wins Shootmaniac Obstacle v2

The Shootmaniac Obstacle v2 tournament concluded today , this week boasted a wide variety of players. After taking community feedback into consideration we drastically altered the format and time scheduling to appeal to a wider audience. This time around we had a international lineup with players from NA , Germany and Sweden. In the previous tournament we saw North American Elite professional player Greggo take first place and this time unknown European player Oblik walked away with the first place prize.The competition today was extremely close as Oblik had to fight off Canadian contender Gern in a very close series of maps. The time spread for each individual map is as follows:


  • Oblik 8:00.48
  • Gern 8:58.80
  • Humpty 15:19.66
  • Amani 15:23.29

 MAP 2

  • Gern 10:48
  • Oblik 10:37:22
  • Humpty 14:37.14
  • utb43chix 16:00:55
  • Armani 26:00.10


  • Oblik 18:48:20
  • Gern 19:24:15
  • Humpty 26:43.19

We here at Shootmaniac would like to  congratulate Oblik and thank all the participants from todays tournament. As always we will be accepting map suggestions for the next tournament , if you have a Obstacle map youd like to see entered head over to our forums and let your voice be heard.



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