North America, a Perspective

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North America, a Perspective

If North Americans aren’t playing it then its bound to fail.

That entire statement summarizes the overall aspect of competitive gaming within the North American scene. Time and time again it has been proven, particularly in the Quake 3 world where to this day organization such as Faceit and GDStudio run tournaments but specifically only for European players. In essence the games growth has ceased in North America, unfortunately the same may happen to Shootmania as well. After browsing through the forums I stumbled upon a post from Rookfell Nadeo’s community manager has expressed interest in developing the North American scene.

To go off topic a bit competitive gaming now a days is a bit depressing from a old school gamers perspective. Back in the early days before major tournaments and sponsors players simply played the game because they enjoyed it and thrived to be the best. With the popularity of League of Legends , Dota 2 among other titles every gamers expect and demands that the same level of support replicate to other games and genres. The unfortunately cannot happen overnight and unfortunately most players don’t quite understand this, and often expect way too much initially. Personally I’m hoping that this is the catalyst that will bring forth change in the community , and that within due time the overall player base will continue to grow and blossom into the title everyone predicted Shootmania would be in the early stages.


- Andre ‘Precise’ Rowe

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  1. 🕔 2:24, 05.July 2013


    Very well written!!! Thanks to people like you, the game will survive! Thanks mate!

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  2. 🕔 13:28, 07.July 2013


    Yes and no. We can’t go back to the old scene. Back then, it was starting and most games were on the same ”playing field”. Competitive gaming evolved, it is now closer to sports, closer to an actual career. There is a lot more games that already have a competitive side established. It isn’t like before when you had a choice between quake, cs, unreal and starcraft/warcraft(and they all had distinct regions so that made the choice easier). There is thousands even millions of dollars to be won in many, many games(world of tanks, league of legends, Starcraft 2, cs:go, firefall, dota 2) and I’m not even counting the old games that are still active today. Why would a competitive player choose to put time in a new game that has that ”risk factor” of never taking off when he could try in another where he knows that something is waiting for him if he is the best, this is where incentive is needed, this is where IPL could of made the game explode by now. Though, I do understand that expectations are unrealistic and that we should play games for how fun they are. Then again, there is plenty of fun games with plenty of money pumped in them: playing field should be close to even at least.

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  3. 🕔 12:25, 08.July 2013


    Thats true , honestly the way I feel right now. Most of the “blame” rest on Nadeo/Ubisoft.I heard a rumor about the company having thousands of dollars to promote competitive play yet the players have seen none of that. Its a bit disheartening specially when like you’ve stated alot of other companies are pouring money and following in Riot’s and Valve’s footsteps.

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