Jepie Wins Royal Feast

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Jepie Wins Royal Feast

The “Royal Feast” ended today, after a few days of grueling competition. The tournament was open to both North American and European players and attracted a wide variety of causal and professional teams within the scene. The tournament was held over a series of day and participants had to qualify in each stage of the competition. The tournament started off relatively simply with all players participating in the open ladder tier. Following the conclusion of the open tier the top 100 players qualified for the Semi Finals and slowly the competition was eliminated until the final 10 remained.

Royal Feast is the biggest online tournament to date for the Shootmania scene and boasted support from some of the industries top manufactures. A few names included Papa John’s, Gunnar Optiks and Direct Brands. Royal Feast also brought out of retirement former IPL caster Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez who was one of the prominent casters earlier on in the game. After evaluating the entire competition we were pleased when we noticed a wide variety of European participants. One of those participants Jepie from Team Fnatic played against the odds and throughout it all emerged victor walking away with the first place prize. The Royal Feast tournament appeared to test the waters within the Shootmania scene and with some luck the guys from Beyond Gaming in collaboration with Ubisoft/Nadeo will continue what they have started.

The final results for the Royal Feast tournament are as follows:

  • 1st Jiepie
  • 2nd Poorbilly
  • 3rd Mytitsbounce
  • 4th Dukyy
  • 5th Cybz

Additional rules and information can be found on the Beyond Gaming website. And if you’ve missed the action live, you can head over Shootmania channel to catch up on what you’ve missed.

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