fm-eSports Pick up an SM Squad

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fm-eSports Pick up an SM Squad

Some great news today as another well established, and sponsored organisation, has decided to pick up a Shootmania squad. fm-eSports has picked up a multinational EU squad, this team is quite colourful in its background, but more importantly represents how large and dynamic the Shootmania community is. It is important for the games growth that organisations pick up teams. The game is already shaping up to have a very aggressive LAN scene along with its online tournaments. The official announcement can be seen here, along with some words from Morty, about his squad join fm-eSports. We would like to wish these players the best of luck in their new home.

fm-eSports Line up:

 João ‘MORTY’ Costa
 Timo ‘Thy’ Krueger
 Amaury ‘moonL’ Dennielou

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  1. 🕔 17:48, 01.May 2013


    Very interesting lineup, always good to see new teams coming into the scene

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  2. 🕔 14:35, 02.May 2013


    Timo “thy the second best german demoman (tf2)” Krüger

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