Critical Gaming iCTF & Map Tournament

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Critical Gaming iCTF & Map Tournament

Our friends at Critical Gaming have a special treat for the community. To boost support for the iCTF game mode and their server they have announced an iCTF map making contest/tournament. This event is for both map makers and  iCTF teams alike. Map makers are allowed to submit one map each, the top 6 of which will be used for a single elimination 3v3 tournament.

The prizes are as follows:

Top 6 Map Entries: Used in correlation with the Critical Gaming  iCTF Tournament

Top 2 Map Entries: Shootmania T-Shirt (US Only)

1st Place in Tournament : 3 Shootmania T-Shirts

That’s all for now, so get out there and show your support Shootmania’s iCTF mode!

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  1. 🕔 23:52, 30.April 2013


    Hey guys, thanks for featuring this! We are thinking of doing the tournament on May 18th (Saturday), or possibly the 20th (Monday). What do you think would work better for most?

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