CPLAY Changes Roster

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CPLAY Changes Roster

CPLAY has been one of the more sustainable teams for quite some time now. But after a period of having not only one but two Shootmania teams the organization has now announced that they have condensed their efforts into one unified effort.According to the CPLAY website the Academy team folded after two players decided to leave the organization. This in turn prompted the main Belgian team to make a few adjustments to their roster as well. After some mixing and matching the official CPLAY roster is as follows:

Dimmy Dreammy Snels
Žiga Cheesey Sirovina
Florian xTns!ve Dehaene
Gils NukingFoob Roex (Backup Player)
Youri Zero Hristov (Backup Player)

Team manager and movie maker for CPLAY had this to say regarding the recent changes in the lineup:

Statement by Luca “e x R’” Jebautzke

“After the separation from our international ShootMania team, and the abandonment from Circle and DrOetker I’m happy to see CPLAY back on the top with some nice placings in the recent cups. It’s sad that Luhka and Neyz haven’t found a matching third player but anyways, I wish them good luck in their future eSports career.  We got top standings in all of the last 6 cups we’ve played and I’m pretty proud, even though we played some of these cups with stand-in’s due to holiday plannings by Cheesey. I’m pretty sure that we will get into the final of LeetGamerZ 100€ Holiday Challenge with our current 2nd place and it’s time for some 1st place placements in the next time! So go rock on Dreammy, xtenS and Cheesey, let’s continue our Series!

 Source : here

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