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Illusion Gaming Draft Tournament

Illusion Gaming Draft Tournament(11)

Shootmania has certainly enjoyed many tournaments, both big and small, since its launch. If you are still new to the game and have not yet sunk your teeth into some organized competitive play now is

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Posted by jus7addwater on 20 April, 2013

Go4 Shootmania NA Results

Go4 Shootmania NA Results(0)

Today concluded the inaugural go4SM event, the opening event had approximately 24 teams registered and participated in the event. Notable teams would include: Team Curse, HRG, vVv Gaming and Team DM. Matches were played in

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Posted by Precise on 14 April, 2013

PC Gamer Launch Tournament

PC Gamer Launch Tournament(3)

All manner of tournaments are coming out of the wood work with the official game launch. Now of the the pillars of PC media coverage 'PC Gamer' is on board as well. PC Gamer will be host

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Posted by jus7addwater on 10 April, 2013

Crusaders Pixel Cup

Crusaders Pixel Cup(0)

    Crusaders TV is stepping it up big time for the community. They are hosting a small Elite tournament. The format will be the traditional 3 vs 3 we all know and love. Starting on April

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Posted by jus7addwater on 9 April, 2013

Critical Gaming iCTF Tournament

Critical Gaming iCTF Tournament(0)

Shootmania launches tomorrow and all over the world people have stepped up to host online launch parties. Critical Gaming has done this by hosting a 3 vs 3 iCTF tournament, complete with prizes. Taken directly

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Posted by jus7addwater on 8 April, 2013

Alienware Arena $3000 Elite Tournament

Alienware Arena $3000 Elite Tournament(0)

Alienware announced an upcoming Elite Tournament featuring a prize pool of $3000. The tournament date is set for 6th-9th of May and  will run in a double-elimination format and allows up to 64 teams to

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Posted by Wikes on 7 April, 2013

Launch Tournament Coverage Day 1

Launch Tournament Coverage Day 1(1)

As with many Shootmania communities we have eagerly awaited the arrival of the official game launch and its accompanying 100k tournament. With IPL falling out of the picture Nadeo has step up to keep the largest Shootmania tournament to date, alive

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Posted by Wikes on 6 April, 2013

Dignitas Win Copenhagen Games

Dignitas Win Copenhagen Games(1)

Team Dignitas added another LAN victory to their organizations impressive history of wins this past weekend as their squad took the grand finals of the Copenhagen Games with a double win over x6. They met x6 in the

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Posted by Wikes on 2 April, 2013

SwissBulls Win Gamers’ Assembly

SwissBulls Win Gamers’ Assembly(0)

In a dramatic 3-2 win over Pyrogen the Swiss Bulls team, formerly known as Epsilon, take home not only community respect but a handsome prize pot of 3 brand new Alienware x51 PC's. It is worth

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Posted by Wikes on 2 April, 2013

Easter LANs

Easter LANs(0)

This weekend in Europe there are a trio of LANs taking place. These lans are a clear sign that shootmania is continueing to gain traction as all three of these LANs are taking place in

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Posted by Wikes on 2 April, 2013

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