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Alienware Arena

Alienware Arena(0)

The dust has cleared and the Alienware Area tournament has concluded. The entire tournament spanned over a series of weeks and saw in total 60 competitive teams from both Europe and North America . The

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Posted by Precise on 10 May, 2013

Shootmaniac Obstacle Tournament

Shootmaniac Obstacle Tournament(5) is proud to unveil its first tournament. Undoubtedly you have seen the many other tournaments on offer from various parties in the Shootmania community. We would like to offer up something of a different

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Posted by Precise on 6 May, 2013

NESL Monthly Finals Recap

NESL Monthly Finals Recap(1)

The whole tournament could be summed up in two words by HRG Nutri-Grain: Nice Trade This comment was in reference to Whaz, the LAN superstar who had allegedly joined High Rollers Gaming as of last Wednesday only

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Posted by jus7addwater on 6 May, 2013

CEVO Announces Season 2

CEVO Announces Season 2(0)

So great news for the NA Shootmania community as CEVO has announced continued support for the title. CEVO has a long history in NA eSports and being one of the preeminent pay-to-play leagues. For this

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Posted by jus7addwater on 5 May, 2013

Critical Gaming iCTF & Map Tournament

Critical Gaming iCTF & Map Tournament(1)

Our friends at Critical Gaming have a special treat for the community. To boost support for the iCTF game mode and their server they have announced an iCTF map making contest/tournament. This event is for

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Posted by jus7addwater on 30 April, 2013

Alienware Arena Tournament

Alienware Arena Tournament(0)

Alienware Arena has become standard in the North American community. They tend to host great events for newly released titles, thankfully they have chosen to run a Shootmania event. announced earlier this month the event with take place early in May.

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Posted by jus7addwater on 30 April, 2013

NESL’s go4Shootmania Recap

NESL’s go4Shootmania Recap(0)

Thus concludes another weekend of go4Shootmania action. For those who are unaware of the series go4Shootmania is a weekly tournament organized by the good folks at the NESL. This week was number 3 in the

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Posted by Precise on 28 April, 2013

ESCW Game Lineup Announced

ESCW Game Lineup Announced(0)

The Electonic Sports World Cup (ESWC), one of the largest events in eSports, particularly for the FPS scene, has announced today that Shootmania will be one of the flagship games for the 2013 season. ESWC

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Posted by jus7addwater on 25 April, 2013

SK Win Go4SM #2

SK Win Go4SM #2(1)

Two of the strongest teams in North America came face to face in the finals for this weeks Go4SM cup. SK was able to beat out Curse in the Finals. This was a complete reversal

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Posted by jus7addwater on 22 April, 2013

aeCup Qualifiers

aeCup Qualifiers(1)

Tournament fever is not something exclusive to the NA and EU regions. In Australia the aeCup has been going on for a few weeks as they are attempting to seed teams for a small scale

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Posted by jus7addwater on 20 April, 2013

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