Alienware Arena

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Alienware Arena

The dust has cleared and the Alienware Area tournament has concluded. The entire tournament spanned over a series of weeks and saw in total 60 competitive teams from both Europe and North America . The tournament had a very respectable prize pool for both regions and was played in a double elimination format. On the European side we saw power house teams such as Pyrogen , Swiss Bull and aAa face off to determine the best in  European. Against All Authority was able to rise to the occasion cruising through the competition on their way to a relatively easy victory over the Swiss Bulls.

On the North American side we saw teams such as vVv Gaming, Curse Gaming, and High Rollers Gaming duke it out.The tournament ended in spectacular fashion with two of NA power houses HRG going up against Curse Gaming for a rematch of the NESL April Finals where HRG took a convincing victory over Curse Gaming. This time around Xp3 was able to propel his team to victory by landing multiple successful attacking rounds and defensive rockets over his previous team mates.Overall a very nicely done tournament with a lot of action across the board. If you unfortunately missed the VODS they should still be available via ReadyupTV twitch channel and the brackets for both NA and EU can be found at the bottom of this news post.

EU:  Brackets

NA: Brackets

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