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Shootmaniac.net is developed from the idea that a small community needs one centralized hub. The community, for the teams, and sponsors all need one highly centralized location. We aim to build this centralized hub through high quality content production, tournaments, and community growing activities. Our content is delivered through a variety of mediums aimed at many of the currently fractured community segments; videos, blogs, community news, developer news, product reviews, professional tips and guidance, event coordination, tournaments, and more. Shootmaniac.net is a free flowing project and is aimed molding to the community in a fashion that will produce a very beneficial long term relationship. At the core of our website is the fundamental belief that our users should feel at home, not only with items dealing directly with Shootmania but in general.






Andre ‘Precise’ Rowe

     CEO & Founder, Shootmaniac

Precise was born on the 4th Jan 1986 on the West Indian island of Jamaica. At the age of twelve he moved to away from the island to the United States. After completing High School he enlisted in the United States Armed forces where he served 5 years. Precise completed my term and received an honorable discharge.



conorprofile Conor ‘Jus7addwater’ Parker

     Content Manager, Shootmaniac

I am Irish born and raised, at the age of 25 I have had a long history in e-Sports. I got my start in Tribes 2 playing for a variety of low level teams before moving onto the Call of Duty series. It was there that I not    only climbed the ranks on a skill based level, but that I also found a love for community involvement. I got involved with a casting company known as EGLN. From that stage I stuck with casting and over an 8 year period covered 15 different titles and handled over 4,000 broadcasts as a content manager as well as 830 as a in game caster.

Bernardo ‘Wikes’ Domingues


Wikes was born and raise in Portugal. He has had a long history in gaming, sinking his teeth into the FPS scene with Counter Strike 1.3. After playing FPS games for  few years he eventually lost his taste for the genre and moved onto MMO’s. He started his love affair with WoW and eventually became a ‘hardcore’ raider. When he learned about Shootmania he decided to give the FPS scene another chance and he has never looked back. He started a community web site called Shootmania Hub which eventually merge with what is now Shootmaniac.net.


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