CEVO Preseason Week 1

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CEVO Preseason Week 1

CEVO is now underway…. However the tournament has started off with a lot of confusion and even more disappointment. Many teams that were signed up didn’t register enough players, and numerous had died long before the tournament was scheduled to begin.

This chaos amongst the ranks has lead to an very unimpressive day 1.  There were 8 forfeits in the first round of matches, with at least five of the 8 missing teams being inactive for quite some time now. Of the 6 games that still have not been reported only 4 of the 12 teams have complete rosters.

Some of the problems have been traced back to the rules apparently. Some teams found them difficult to find, this has bad results for some teams as it turns out the 1st match was played as one map rather than a best of 3. The remaining matches however, were played correctly though the Alienware Arena rule set that CEVO had adopted.

Of the 5 matches out of the 19 scheduled that were actually played the standout match was definitely We Always Derp’s victory over Intimidation that in 3 games resulted in a 30-28 victory for We Always Derp. Sadly none of the big names scheduled for the tournament including, Curse, vVv, HRG, iDemise, FM eSports, and Daddy, this resulted in forfeits. The big name list also includes the juggernaut match up of Curse and vVv that was expected to be the highlight of the first round.

The most talented team to play this week was Just Do Whatever which is essentially a remake of mMe. Sadly, the first round of the preseason will be remembered more for who didn’t play than who did.

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