NESL Monthly Finals Recap

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NESL Monthly Finals Recap

The whole tournament could be summed up in two words by HRG Nutri-Grain:

Nice Trade

This comment was in reference to Whaz, the LAN superstar who had allegedly joined High Rollers Gaming as of last Wednesday only to leave for powerhouse Curse 3 days later. HRG then picked up XP3 who was cut from Curse to make room for Whaz. These new players would get their first taste of action today in the NESL Monthly Championship. Nutri-Grain led HRG to victory in the tournament with 4 attack rounds against SK Gaming in the quarterfinals and the tournament winning attack round to close the finals.

The new look HRG team featuring Poor_Billy, Nutri-Grain, and newly acquired XP3 went through SK Gaming and RockSteady to beat Curse in the final round. They are now the team to beat in North America. In the last major Shootmania LAN event, the 100k Launch Tournament, HRG did not show well, playing with Frag Dolls Esper as a ringer in place of Nutri-Grain. They have now shown us what they are capable of and we expect big things from them in the future.

In related news both Whaz and XP3 had big game winners for their teams early in the NESL Monthly Championship and both had attack rounds in game two of the Finals. Congratulations to all of the teams who participated in the tournament for making it this far and a special grats to High Rollers Gaming for establishing themselves as the top team in North America for April.

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    Billy and I are really excited to have XP3 on HRG. Our team dynamic, from comms to chemistry, has already drastically improved, and we can’t wait to test out our new squad in upcoming tournaments.

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