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CPLAY Changes Roster

CPLAY Changes Roster (0)

CPLAY has been one of the more sustainable teams for quite some time now. But after a period of having not only one but two

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Shootmania Update 2.2

Shootmania Update 2.2 (0)

Shootmania New blocks: Powerpath with Nucleus bunker structures Rooftops wooden & sliding structures Technical structures include new blocs and a power grapling hook Cloister road without roof Red platform with curved

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MLG Enters Shootmania

MLG Enters Shootmania (0)

Over the past few months the Shootmania community primarily here in North America has been volleying to various organizations and leagues in order to breathe

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TWL Adds Shootmania

TWL Adds Shootmania (0)

With the NESL Go4Shootmania cup up in the air Team Warfare League has come in to ease the tension. They have announced ladders for Shootmania

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Shootmania Patch Notes

Shootmania Patch Notes (0)

Another week another patch. Continuing to show their commitment to the success of Shootmania, Nadeo has released their latest patch. Here is a are the

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North America, a Perspective

North America, a Perspective (4)

If North Americans aren't playing it then its bound to fail. That entire statement summarizes the overall aspect of competitive gaming within the North American scene.

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Critical Gaming CTF Tournament

Critical Gaming CTF Tournament (0)

Critical Gaming is hosting another 3 vs 3 tournament on July 10th. The gametype will of course be CTF, but they are changing from their

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New Curse Lineup Shows Promise

New Curse Lineup Shows Promise (0)

Thursdays night National ESL cup in North America finally showed some life. Sporting a full display of 10 teams, considering last month’s turn outs this

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